52 in 2015


As mentioned in my prior post, a main purpose of this blog is to hold myself to my goals this New Year. I thought that publicizing them would hold myself more accountable to them and help me on the follow through when I start to slack off. But in order for this to work, I have to publish my goals! So I am going to start with one I find very important this year…

I want to read 52 books in 2015!

I know – seems kind of lofty right?! But I thought to myself what’s a challenge without the struggle.

This idea came to me after I found myself reading multiple articles and books about successful people in business and how one common thread they all account success to is constant reading and learning. I found this striking – of course! Reading! I used to love to read, why had I stopped?! I thought to myself.

One word… school

Who wants to be reading for fun when they have hours of mandatory reading every night for class? Definitely not me! Of course I would read a book for fun over a school break or when I found myself having a lot of free time commuting. But most of the time, with my college course load, I was just too tired to keep my eyes open and on the pages of a book if I didn’t have to.

But in 2015 I will find myself class-less for the first time in basically my 23 years of life. So crazy! But I hear if ya don’t use it, ya loose it. So the time has come for me to catch up on all those books I’ve been meaning to read (let me tell ya – the pile is high…) But I’m really looking forward to it.

I have gotten some suggestions from friends, and I have a list already started. I’m not sticking to a strict schedule or anything in terms of the order I will read the books on my list. But I am trying to keep a manageable book-a-week schedule.

And I’m proud to announce on January 16th – I’ve already completed 2 books! (OK – 1 was small but its still a book!!)

The more I look for interesting titles, the more excited I get about this challenge. I can’t wait to reacquaint myself with my local library. And this will also give me a good excuse to go through my personal library and reorganize. And how cozy does snuggling up with a good book sound during these cold winter months? Maybe with a hot cup of tea? Perfect.

It’s important to note, I am also allowing myself to let audiobooks count. It’s a personal choice, I don’t want the majority of this challenge to consist of audiobooks but as a photographer I find myself with a lot of traveling time and days in front of a screen editing and I think these will be perfect opportunities to get some quality reading in!

I’m looking forward to getting lost in some literature this 2015! Take an adventure with me if you please! I’d also love to hear any of your book suggestions that made for a great read!


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